Camp Arrowhead

Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Sunday May 23rd 7:00am-7:00pm Camp Arrowhead Delaware

Join us for a retreat into the exploration and fusing of science and spirituality.  You cannot leave this full immersion journey as the same person who walked in.  Your evolution and transformation will be kickstarted and nurtured from the moment you arrive on site of this magical, secluded, outdoor setting.

This 12-hour program was designed to give people an opportunity to make impactful and lasting changes in their lives. The serene, safe space allows one to let go and tap into the universal power that is within and all around us.  The blend of science, quantum mechanics and medicine are presented with practical tools and applications for your life.

I will present the “new” science that is behind your biology and how to influence it. This time there will be an emphasis on connection and how you can influence the world around you through understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

The spirituality component will be presented by Carolyn Berl, bestselling author, communicator to advanced universal and galactic intelligences, and powerful intuitive healer. Carolyn has a unique method of strenghtening intuition and connecting with the Universal Source.

Laurel Harrington will ground this information as she shares real life examples and her interpretation of this work and the effects it has had in her life.

The event will be held in outdoor, covered pavilions on the 110 acre waterfront setting. The fresh air location will provide a feeling of seclusion and serenity that will allow you to relax into the teachings and meditations. Your experience will also include breathwork, journaling, walking integration, gentle movements, group connections and of course, plenty of nourishing food. The price includes lunch and dinner along with mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Cost is $350 per person and space is limited to ensure that there is plenty of room to spread out.