2021 Pilot Study designed to assist persons with significant health challenges.


To assess treatment outcomes when interdisciplinary mind-body approaches are used concurrently with standardized medical therapies.


Outcomes will show whether implementation of a wholistic interdisciplinary approach to cancer and disease management improves outcomes in the form of tumor suppression, organ repair, life satisfaction, pain and disability.  Such information can be useful in determining where resources should be directed based on cost/ benefit ratios.


Research on mindfulness, meditation, support groups and journaling have shown to be effective in improving patient outcomes. We plan to build on these studies by incorporating many modalities over a duration of months. We will employ education, mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition through diet simultaneously giving a wholistic approach to healing and health while receiving the benefits of a support group.


To revolutionize cancer and disease treatment programs to emphasize patient engagement and mind-body therapies to improve health outcomes.

This pilot program is designed to teach people to tap into their innate healing capacity, so they can become an active participant in their healing journey. It is understood that there are limits to conventional treatments. When considering the patient’s role, they are often left without guidance and direction. While grappling with a diganosis and physical symptoms there may be insecurity with deciding what steps to take next and what has the most value for the time and money. This program does not claim to have all the answers, but it will provide the priceless opportunity to guide and support the whole person through a comprehensive mind-body program. We use some of the simplest, yet profound healing modalities.

The program is based on the understanding that there is an intelligence that is giving you life, organizing your cells, digesting your food and responding to your environment.  This intelligence not only has the power to augment therapies it has the potential to heal exponentially better than any drug or treatment, one just needs to learn how to access it.

The insights and embodied changes will allow for a new, healthier person to emerge from this experience. We postulate that these lifestyle and mindset changes will improve health outcomes, improve quality of life while undergoing treatment and decrease probability of condition reoccurrence. This is a person journey and each participant has the opportunity to be a part of an evolution of healthcare, putting the patient at the center of treatment. This work is for the individual but also for the next person that receives your diagnosis. 

About the pilot study:

In order to be eligible for this program you need to have a documented diagnosis and submit your scans, bloodwork and applicable reports to establish objective current health. The program requires recorded weekly one on one and group Zoom sessions, periodic surveys and a commitment to implement learned skills and tools. Meditation is a large part of this program, so one must be willing to learn the skill of meditation and commit to practicing it on a daily basis.

This program is NOT a substitution for medical treatment and is not to be used as medical advice, but as an adjunct to support the mind, body and spirit while undergoing medically prescribed treatment.

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