My treatment with Bio Resonance provides a wholistic experience. The process begins with an indepth questionaire to identify your goals, symptoms, stressors and medical history. Based on the information provided a proposed evlaution plan will be provided that may include: Deep Bio Resonance Therapy, Dynamic BIA to restore nervous system balance, chiropractic, cold laser, or any combination of the above.

Once an evaluation plan is agreed upon you will come in for your first visit and or scan(s). All of the scans are painless and take between 10-30 minutes. Plan to be at the office for 75 minutes on your first visit to allow time to scan and answer questions.

Your scan will be throughly analyzed, files will be eamiled to you along with a treatment plan. At this point you can decide if you want to pursue treatment. If Bio Resonance Therapy is indicated, typically 10 treatments over 3 weeks is the recommendation, however every patient and circumstance is different. There may be additonal supplements and nutritional guidance recommended. Think of BRT like going to the gym, you would not expect to get strong after 1 weight lifting session. You may feel better but the change takes some repetition and conditioning of the body. A similar process happens with BRT, the body will be conditioned into a healthier state of being.

A completely individualized Bio Resonance treatment will be designed based on your health goals and Bio Resonance scan results. If needed, Lab work and Functional Medicine Testing may be required to assist your healing process. Your treatment plan will include advisement of nutrition, supplements and oral peptides along with appropriate bodywork with combinations of Chiropractic, Soft tissue therapies and/or Cold Laser and 10 Deep BRT treatments.

Prices as of May 2023

Bio Resonance Scan with comprehensive analysis and treatment recommendation that include Deep BRT (Bio Resonance Therapy) as well as treatment and supplement recommendations you can incorporate on your own without further need to visit our office. This visit will also include your first Bio Resonance treatment in the form of Frequency Compensation to an area of concern. This is a great way to experience Bio Resonance, find clues to the root cause of your health conditions, strategies to prevent future illnesses and get the most specific analysis of the body available.




The Bio Resonance Scan is non-toxic, without side effects, uses no radiation or EMFs and is safe for all ages.

Bio Resonance 5-Week Treatment Program

The first 3 weeks will be Deep BRT treatment. After completion of 10 Deep BRT sessions a follow up scan with supplement recommendations will be made if needed. Week 4 is an “off” week for treatment as you will be following a nutritional and supplement protocol. Week 5 you will return for a follow up evaluation to assess next steps to take on your own or with further treatments.

COST: $1600 for 5-week program

  • Included in the program fee:
  • Scans Pre and Post treatment with review of findings
  • 10 Bio Resonance Treatments that must be completed within the first 4 weeks.
  • Weekly relevant Bodywork 
  • Functional Medicine approach to supplement advisement for healing the whole body.

Lab Work, Functional Medicine Tests or Supplements are NOT INCLUDED in the Program Fee.


  • 12 WEEK PROGRAM…………$6000
    This a highly personalized program for people experiencing significant health challenges. I will be your guide and partner as we navigate a program that will detoxify, strengthen, nourish and heal your body, mind and soul. 
    In this program you will be evaluated through the lenses of Chiropractic, Bio Resonance and Functional Medicine.


  • Initial and follow-up BRT Scans and Analysis
  • GI Map Microbiome test to evaluate gut status
  • 20-30 BRT Sessions
  • Weekly Chiropractic and/or bodywork treatments as indicated

ALL nutraceuticals which may include: HEEL detox protocol, Redox cellular communication, Oral Peptides, Toxin Binders, Homeopathic Remedies, and any number of other nutritional products that will be chosen specifically for you.

This program is designed to treat you using the full breadth of my experience and knowledge.