Welcome to the new era of medicine, Bio Energetics. As we unfold the layers of reality, we find electromagnetism in the form of frequencies at the core. New tools allow us to identify hidden causes of disease and offer guidance to aid in the restoration of health.

Illness is the end-product of a multitude of system dysfunctions. Most diseases take years if not decades to develop, by the time one is ill, the root cause if often obscured by physical symptoms.

Through analysis of the body’s frequencies the root cause of imbalances can be detected and corrected.


Through analysis of the body’s frequencies the root cause of imbalances can be detected and corrected giving a truly personalized treatment program.

Bio Resonance allows one to identify weakened body systems and the origin of dysfunction. The Bio Resonance component includes Bio Resonance Therapy, nutritional supplements with personalized dosages, identification of dietary sensitivities, food recommendations, emotional factors and environmental stressors.

For those suffering with significant health challenges Bio Resonance, Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, soft tissue therapies, Autonomic Response Testing, Oral peptides and Cold Laser, can be combined to create an even more comprehensive individualized treatment program.


Treatment with Bio Resonance Therapy is safe, painless, without ionizing radiation or harmful EMFs. Using electrodes, headphones and visual cues the autonomic nervous system is reminded of the healthy frequency by amplification of the signals. In addition, it inverts unhealthy signals thereby canceling out unhealthy frequencies that are improperly instructing the cells.

The Bio Resonance Unit used is an award winning, FDA Approved Class II Medical Device approved for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in the United States.

Bio Resonance is not intended to replace standardized medical diagnostics or treatment. Consult your doctor before starting any adjunctive therapy regime.

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