Bio Energentics focuses on restoring the proper energy flow of the body. Energy measured through frequency, sends and receives instructions for cellular behavior. By listening to the frequencies of the body, one can learn about the hidden causes of symptoms and dis-ease.

Bio Energetics has three main components:

  1. Life is an exchange of energy
  2. The body is like a battery, constantly creating an electromagnetic field
  3. Energy carries information in the form of frequency

There is an innate intelligence within you that is directing your energy to digest your food and keep your heart beating. This intelligence controls of your health and wellbeing through complex networks using frequency to carry information throughout the body. All frequency carries information. Through the work of many brilliant doctors and scientists over the past 60 years, the frequencies of over 9 million tissues and organisms have been identified and cataloged. in the 1950s Royal Raymond Rife discovered that microorganisms could be killed by inducing a vibration of a certain frequency. He was ahead of his time as he noted that certain viruses were associated with different cancers. This fact is just now being “discovered” and explored in the academic institutions. It is known that every tissue of the body has its own unique microbiome, a milue of bacteria, fungi, viruses, that live in harmony. When the organ becomes too “sterile” the balance of these organisms is off. Any imbalance within the body creates disorder and eventully disease.

Traditional medicine uses bloodwork, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs to find the cause of symptoms. These techniques are valuable for finding the area of concern but often are limited in their ability to determin the root cause of the problem. Without addressing the root cause, symptom management may not be enough to restore health. A comprehensive analysis of the body can be done by measuring the millions of frequencies within the body. These frequencies can be easily captured and through a series of complex data analysis and patterns of dysfunction can be identified.

Bio Resonance analysis can get the root cause of what may be causing your symtoms. The process works by amplifying healthy frequencies and canceling out unhealthy ones. By restoring coherent, healthy frequencies, the cells receive proper instructions for functioning within the system.

It is important to note that Bio Resonance does NOT TREAT OR CURE DISEASE. Bio Resonance assists the body back to find balance. When a body is in balance, the innate intelligence knows that to do to heal the body.