The human body is an incredibly complex ecosystem of 37 trillion cells and 4 quadrillion bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. The performance and wellbeing of your diverse ecosystem relies entirely on cellular communication. This cellular communication happens through chemistry and electromagnetic waves.

Every person, plant, animal and object has an energic vibration with specific frequencies that create a resonance. Resonating frequency patterns give rise to form, shape and function. Resonant vibrations coordinate schools of fish, allow nutrient sharing among vegetation in a forest, stimulate the human eye to see color and directs cellular communication allowing 400 billion chemical reactions/sec to occur in your body. Your vibrancy is the totality of the vibrations emanating from your 37 trillion cells


Building on the brilliance of Nikola Tesla in the 1930s, groundbreaking discoveries from scientists like Harold Saxton Burr, Theodor van Hoven, Royal Rife, NiKolai Vvedensky, Reinhold Voll  and Japanese medical doctor Y. Nakatini, uncovered a hidden force behind all of life, frequency patterns. Measuring the frequency patterns within the body, gives information about the health of the cells. 

Electromagnetic vibrations remain physiologically correct when cells are healthy but when a cell ages or becomes damaged, alterations in frequency can be detected. Disruptions in the frequency signals beteen cells lead to dysfunction within the entire system. 


Bio Resonance technology scans the body’s frequencies and uses a sophisticated system of analysis to compare the frequencies measured with over 9 million known frequencies. Every tissue organ, disease, pathogen, microbe, allergen, and substance has a frequency. If there is a frequency match the energy exists within the body. The higher the co-efficient of the frequency pattern the more influence it has on the current state of health or dis-ease. This method allows the practitioner to see what is hidden within the body and find patterns that are utlimately at the root of dysfunction.

Therapy is painless, non-invasive with minimal side effects. Through hand sensors and headphones the treatment amplifies healthy signals and inverts the “pathological, disturbing frequencies” then returns the inverse to the body, thereby cancelling the pathological signals. This removes barriers and resistance to health and healing as it restores the body to a normal healthy resonance.


Bio Resonance is not the same as Biofeedback however a system we use incorporates Biofeedback into the treatment through visual and auditory cues to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Bio Resonance is not the same as Rife frequencies however the valuable science behind Rife frequencies was undoubtedly influential in the creation of the technology.

Bio Resonance is a unique technology that incorporates the best of quantum medicine to influence the innate healing ability within each and every one of us.


Yes. One thing to note is that research is expensive and most research is funded by Big Pharma at Universities or in private labs. There has not been very much interest in studying technologies or products that do not give a large return on research funding dollars.  In addition, anything new or different will draw criticism when the mechanism of action is misunderstood or if the results seems “magical.”

All of that being said, you can find scholarly research articles here, here, here and here. More importantly you need to ask yourself, does it make sense? Use your innate intelligence to guide you in making all of your healthcare decisions. 

The Bio Resonance technology we use has a 97% accuracy rate when compared to MRI, CT, US and bloodwork. It is important to mention that this technology is not intended to replace standard medical testing or medical care.


The mechanism of action for Bio Resonance is to cancel out harmful frequencies and amplify healthy signals to support the innate healing capacity of the body.

Because everything is energetic, Bio Resonance Therapy can be used for anything that has a weakening effect on the body such as food intolerances, pathogens and environmental allergens. In addition, chronic disease creates a burden on the entire body. Supporting detoxification, bloodflow, the nervous system, endocrine system, and digestion can have positive impacts on disease severity and progression.

In the US, Bio Resonance is NOT approved as a method to diagnose or treat illness or disease and is not intended to be used in place of standard medical tests and treatment.