Healing yourself while healing others

Daily meditation recordings

August 4th We are starting this series by feeling the energy within our bodies expand followed by connecting with each other’s energy as a coordinate in the Quantum Field.
August 5th You have probably heard the phase “you are a being of light.” Today we learn about the light that is emitted from each and every one of our cells making us literal beings of light.
August 6th We begin to explore the science behind the light that is emitted from the human body and how to increase your light.
August 9th You have heard me say that you are mostly energy, explore what that means.
August 10th Sharing our healing energy with each other, experiencing giving as well as receiving energy.
August 11th Evidence that sharing your heart with the intention of healing another has measurable, lasting effects.
August 12th Openning your focus and taking someone with you into the field.
August 13th Choosing what emotions to let go and which ones to hold onto.
August 16th Get to know the quantum field.
August 17th Feel the plasma energy of the field that is giving rise to all matter.
August 18th Energizing meditation
August 19th Believe in possibility
August 20th This one is for humanity
August 23rd Choosing your body’s chemistry.
Aug 24th Where Quantum Physics intersects biology
August 26th The Universal Wide Web
August 27th Be the light that you want to see in the world.
August 30th Using the heart to create in the field.
Aug 31st Pulling it all together.
Sept 1 Final Meditation with gratitude