18 Days of Community, Connection and Coherence

With everything happening (and NOT happening) this holiday season, one thing is for sure, we get to choose how we move through our days. The choice comes by taking the time to sit quietly and cultivate an inner state with a specific intention. The science is there! Meditation has measurable benefits for health, happiness, longevity and success.

Each morning, starting December 18th at 8:00am EST, we will meet on ZOOM where will will connect with each other. You will learn the science that explains who you really are and how you relate the world around you. Then I will lead us on an exploration of self and our connection to others through a guided meditation.

Recordings of Morning Meditations

Day 1 Connetion to self and others December 18, 2020
Day 2 Coherence December 19, 2020
Day 3 Attention and Intention December 20, 2020
Day 4 Vibrations December 21, 2020
Day 5 Consciousness and the coordinates of a pleasant surprise December 22, 2020
Day 6 Deep dive into vibration and finding a coordinate December 23, 2020
Day 7 Deep dive into connecting with self December 24, 2020
Day 8 Heart and Brain Coherence December 25, 2020
Day 9 You as a particle and a wave December 26, 2020
Day 10 REG Connection through consciousness December 27, 2020
Day 11 Biology of connecting to the field December 28, 2020
Day 12 Stepping outside of the box December 29, 2020
Day 13 Manifestation December 30, 2020
Day 14 Every day is New Year’s Day December 31, 2020
Day 15 Manifesting from gratitude January 1, 2021

Day 16 file unavailable

Day 17 The Science of connectedness January 3, 2021
Day 18 Your purpose in evolution January 4, 2021

This 18 week project has brought me so much joy and I cheerish the connections we made. The sense of community was palpable and emerged with graceful ease. The purpose of this series was to remind you that you are here on purpose. There is a paradigm shift happening in all of the systems that govern our world. As the world shifts, we need to shift. We need to stop looking for answers outside of ourselves but begin to listen inward for the wisdom that exists within each and every one of us. This pause created silence and it is in the silence that we can hear our true longings and desires. We consciously listened to those desires and created a lucid daydream of the future we wanted to live in. Through manifestation meditations we lived and breathed our futures. We reminded ourselves of the levity needed for creation by focusing as a group on manifesting a starfruit. In just a few days 12% of our group had their starfruit find them, reminding us of the power we all posseses. So as we move into 2021 it is more than turning the page on 2020, it is about turning the page on everything in your life that no longer serves you; finding your call, being in service to others, influencing the world. Consciously noticing the beauty in the world we live in will allow us to experience a love for life.

Love heals, love unites, love forgives, love creates wholeness. At every moment you are creating your life, create consciously and responsibly. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.