Connection, Community and Coherence

Weekdays April 7th – May 7th

An entire year has passed since the Community Coherence Project first openned its ZOOM “doors”. Over the past year we have shared moments of peace and connection that centered us during a year of turbulance. We became a community of like-minded souls from all over the globe with one mission, to connect our hearts for the greater good.

Join us again for another month-long series of guided meditations and the science to support it. See your old friends and make new ones as we explore the fascinating world of Quantum Physics and how it directly relates to you.

Every weekday morning starting April 7th at 7:30am EST, we will meet on ZOOM where will will connect with each other. You will learn the science that explains who you really are and how you relate the world around you. Then I will lead us on an exploration of self and our connection to others through a guided meditation.