Daily Meditation

Every day you wake with an opportunity to choose the thoughts that you want to be the driving forces for your day. Mindfully set an intention for how you want to show up in your life today.

When you pay attention to the present moment, without judgement, you are practicing mindfulness. The scientific benefits of Mindfulness are well documented but the way you feel during and after a mindfulness practice is the real evidence. Try on being Mindful throughout your day today.

When your thoughts match your feelings you are in heart and brain coherence. This coherent pattern creates an energy field that balances the body and draws experiences to you. The art of manifestation is having the thought of an outcome coupled with the feelings of what it would feel like to have that outcome come to fruition. Being in the energy of your desired outcome will draw the event to you but you have to think it AND feel it first.

All atoms are dictated by the Laws of the Universe through Quantum Mechanics. Your cells and your energy are constantly co-mingling, creating your biology and the circumstances in your environment. You can actively participate in creating your life by embodying an “I AM” statement that reflects your desires and wishes.

Your body was born with an inherent ability to heal itself. You can consciously tap into this ability by slowing your brainwaves, letting go of the story around the dysfunction and becoming fully present to the moment.

What are you holding on to in your belief system that does not belong in your future? There are over 4 million different genetic expressions of you that exist in any moment. Your thoughts and beliefs are birthing a new YOU in every moment. What aspect of yourself do you want to surrender in order to create the YOU that belongs in your future?