Covid 19

These are unprecedented times for us. Daily life seems more like a scene from a sci-fi movie than the reality we have all come to know. Have you ever wondered if there was an upside to all of this? Think about how different your life is today than it was just a week ago. What is important to you now? Do you have different desires and material needs? Have you noticed the time you spend with your family or friends seems to be a little more connected, a little more gentle? Do you appreciate the sunshine and being able to get outside a little more than usual? Have you welcomed the decrease in politcal news? The unknowns can be scary, no doubt but how scared should we really be? I contend, this is not a time for fear but a time to become more mindful. (Mindful-becoming aware of thoughts and feelings as they arise in the present moment without judgement.) Fear suppresses the immune system and will make you vulnerable to the thing you so badly want to avoid. Is it possible to avoid thinking about the global Neglecting to worry about it beforehand does not mean you ignore common sense preventative measures but it reminds you to partake in these measures with awareness that you are safe, you are strong, you will be ok. Acting with awareness and intention sends messages to the body consistent with the thoughts, building up the body’s defenses to heed the call. You can deal with the virus IF you get it. To live in constant fear as if you are a sitting duck forces you to live as if you are already ill, on high alert, afraid of every sensation, joyless and fearful(l). It is this state of being that weakens the body and makes it more susceptible to illness. What if we looked at this time as an opportunity? An opportunity to reflect on our daily habits, desires and attitudes and see if they are consistent with the life we look forward to getting back to. This pause can be an opportunity to reset. Reset mindsets, goals, opinions, practice better self-care and to be more grateful for the freedoms and bodies we have. Different doesn’t have to mean bad or inconvenient- those are both mindsets you can reset. Embrace each day and the differences it presents as opportunities to experience life in a way you have never before. There is always an upside you may need to shift your perspective to see it.