What is Alchemy

Alchemy is the chemical process of transforming base materials into something more precious. It is to purify, to create. The discovery of a universal cure, the elixir of life. In it’s truest sense, Alchemy is altering chemistry. Therefore, we are all practicing Alchemists. Every thought one has produces an electrical charge that signals a chemical. We have chemical centers throughout our body that respond to the thoughts we have. This is the feedback loop of the mind body connection. The brain gives the body a message and the body responds with a correlating chemical. The brain signals the body it’s time to eat and the digestive centers will release pepsin and HCL to prepare the stomach for digestion. But the brain doesn’t always signal the stomach to prepare for digestion based on hunger and blood sugar levels. It may send a signal due to a smell, or a time of day, or during an activity that one associates with snacking- watching tv, driving. So the process is not fool proof. In fact, the process is often triggered by habits rather than by actual physiologic need. The thoughts associated with emotional or environmental triggers turn on your hormones of digestion, hunger, satiety. What about the signals that do not have a strong biological response like hunger? Signals like unworthiness, guilt, shame. Did you ever think about how those signals show up in the body? They may show up as insecurity or self-loathing. An underlying feeling of insecurity may keep you from applying for that promotion, or self-loathing could cause you to eat a second peice of cake. What are the thougths that are driving your behaviors? What chemistry are you creating in your body? Start to notice and take charge of these thoughts, it’s the most loving thing you can do for your health and your future. You are the Alchemist of your life.