The short answer is “YES!”  Let’s explore it a little deeper so you do not have to just take my word for it.  We can all agree that the brain is the master control center of our bodies.  Have you ever thought about how the brain knows how to keep your heart beating?  Or how to repair your injured tissue?  Or how to digest your dinner and turn it into nutrients that nourish the body?  Thankfully it’s automatic.  You don’t have to learn how to breath or digest, the body gets the signal, hormones are released, proteins are made and you wake to see another day.  But have you ever thought about why your digestion is “off” when you are worried, or how your heart seems to be pounding when you are nervous?  In those acute states we often do notice the shifts in our body chemistry based on a specific emotion, but what about the background emotions that drive our behaviors, beliefs and actions on a daily basis?  Did you know that who you are being in this world is a direct response to your past expereinces.  The events of our life become the programs through which we navigate the world.  If your program is one of unconditional love, support, appreciation from those who raised you, and past expereinces, you’ve got good background “noise”.  For those of us who had prolonged experiences of unworthiness, guilt, shame, and fear the background noise is a very different tune. The end product of experiences are emotions.  Emotions are responsible for turning experiences in our outer world into chemistry in our inner world so we can respond to our percieved environment.

There is chemistry that heals, and chemistry that breaks down.   So if the brain sends a signal to the body to create chemistry to navigate our world, is it possible to choose the signals being send?  The resounding answer is YES!  And science has been proving it for deacdes.  It’s now the time to not just know this is possible but to know how to do it.