What Now

At this point I have been speaking for the better part of the last year about changing your mind to change your chemistry. I have worked one on one, in large lectures, in small meeting rooms and the same questions pop up. Now that I know all of this stuff, what now? How do I keep it going? The answer is simple but not easy. It is simply, make the time. That’s it. At every waking moment there is the opportunity to check in with yourself, see what you are thinking and change those thoughts that are not serving your bigger purpose. That purpose is to be happy, healthy, self-expressed and free. Decide that you are worth the investment in yourself to apply the information and concepts you have learned. The key here is decide. I speak a lot about deciding. It sometimes seems trite to say “decide to be happy” or “choose gratitude”, but is it really trite or is it profoundly deep? Think about it, there are always two sides to every story. Our view of what has happened in our life is our story or perception of the events. Yes, some facts are just that, facts but the emotions and meaning we apply to those facts is where choice comes in. We can look at a divorce as a betrayal or failure. The other side can be, I once loved this person enough to marry them and for this I recognize my reasons for choosing them and accept that we now on differing paths. The view we hold doesn’t change the outcome of the event, there is still a divorce but it frees one up to use that energy toward creating a new and better life moving forward instead of being stuck in the self pitty and anger towards another. The emotions we choose to hold onto are just that, a choice. And just as resentment is a choice so is forgiveness. Choose forgiveness, it frees you.