Bio Energetics: The flow of energy creating life

Bio Energentics focuses on restoring the proper energy flow of the body. Energy measured through frequency, sends and receives instructions for cellular behavior. By listening to the frequencies of the […]

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BIO RESONANCE: The Vibration of Life

Bioresonance means the vibration of life. The energy field surrounding the body is giving rise to its physical structure. This is a fundamental U-turn in understanding health and the origin of dis-ease. Since energy expressed as vibration and frequency is “everything,” including shaping your body and your world, then it stands to reason that harmonizing the energy field would harmonize the body. This is exactly what happens with Bioresonance Therapy. […]

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Community Coherence Project One Year Anniversary Series


During this time of separation and fear it is important for us to stay connected and boost our body’s immune system from within. By using the scientifically proven method of Heart-Brain Coherence we have created a daily routine, interpersonal connections, and experiential instruction on how to boost one’s body to stay strong by shifting fear and anxiety into love and gratitude. […]

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Daily Meditations

Daily Meditation

Every day you wake with an opportunity to choose the thoughts you want to be the driving force of your day. Mindfully set an intention for how you want to show up in your life today. […]

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COVID-19 a Different Perspective

Covid 19

These are unprecedented times for us. Daily life seems more like a scene from a sci-fi movie than the reality we have all come to know. […]

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